Screening of existing systems, designing new ones and performing project expert tasks. You can count on us if you want secure, up-to-date IT solutions.

The world of information technology is changing day by day. Building and operating efficient, up-to-date systems is a must for a competitive business.

However, the knowledge we gained yesterday is no longer valid if our goal is to address today's solutions or to identify and exploit the opportunities of the future.

Our experts help you to keep your existing IT systems safe and up-to-date by reviewing existing systems and designing and developing new ones.

In addition to the IT due diligence of the given company, we ensure the competitive operation of the company and the quick and smooth decision making by designing an efficient, well-functioning system, its implementation, training, supervision and continuous improvement as required.

Just as we did with the development of Nokia's production logistics information systems, which we have dealt with several times over the last decade.

Our IT consulting services:

  • Security and efficiency screening of information systems, elaboration of development proposals
  • Management and supervision of IT projects
  • Organization of IT systems
  • Development of warehouse IT and telematics systems
  • Expert involvement in innovation development
  • Application of RFID technology in product and component identification, efficiency improvement in production and distribution logistics
  • Expert assistance in software development
  • IT support for production processes

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