We have decades of professional experience in the organization of road, rail and water transport systems.

Whether it is developing transportation concepts, railroad screening, or developing passenger transport systems, the Revelator team is ready to assist you!

Our road haulage partners are our recurring clients when it comes to increasing efficiency or reducing cost.

We are proud of our experience in the railways and of our expertise in this field and our consultancy skills. This is supported by our more than ten years of cooperation with the region's leading railway companies - MÁV Group, ÖBB Group, DB Group.

Our CEO is certified as a sea captain, so we are at home in the design and development of waterborne transportation systems, including the Mahart Group.

Our offer in the field of transport and transport consultancy includes:

  • Developing development strategies
  • Innovation in road, rail and waterborne transport
  • Development of combined transport services (road-rail, road-water)
  • Developing transport concepts
  • Design and innovative development of multimodal logistics centers and container terminals
  • Evaluation and development of passenger transport systems (road, rail)
  • Railway due diligence, exploration of development opportunities
  • Development of port technology


A certified loading and securing system for road transport, designed to guarantee the prevention of accidents, penalties and their consequences due to improper securing of cargo. It is recommended to any logistics operator who can be held responsible for the loading of goods on the road and the transport of goods by road.

What does the LOADSafe system contain?

LoadSafe is a complex loading and securing system that guarantees the prevention of accidents and penalties with the help of built-in modules:

1. LOAD:Train’ module

An educational module that covers all important aspects of cargo securing, from the legal environment to the basic physical knowledge to practical solutions.

The training is supplemented by a textbook, the structure and content of which comply with the education system required by the VDI 2700 guidelines, so that it is suitable for the exam preparation of the employees concerned.

Following the successful examination, we issue a certificate in German, approved by the German Association of Engineers (VDI), accepted by authorities.

2. LOAD:Manu’ Modul

This module is a company-specific loading guide that is used to ensure that the cargo of a particular transit vehicle is loaded in the cargo area in accordance with the relevant chapters of EN 12195-1: 2010 and VDI2700.

We have created a computer model that makes it easy to understand the physical and mechanical functions contained in the VDI 2700 directive, so determining the tools needed to record products to meet the needs of the company does not require any complex calculations.

The loading manual, based on the model, ensures that the loading weight-dependent fastening technology is always properly used by the operative.

3. LOAD:Cert’ Modul

The module is a proprietary protocol that builds on the LOAD: Train and LOAD: Manu modules to ensure that every step of cargo securing is coordinated and documented in a way that does not interfere with day-to-day operations. The documentation is also part of the accompanying documents and complies with Annex C of the standard EN 12195-1: 2010.

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